Words for the New Year

Yesterday, while browsing bloglovin, I found a couple of articles on Hello Neverland about choosing a word for the upcoming year (you can read them here and here). I was already wondering about the fact that my 2015 could be summed up by the word recovery.


I don’t really know when the process begun, or how. It may seem strange, but one day I managed to wake up at 9am instead of 12am. I actually did something during that day. I wasn’t hunted by fear or anxiety. I wasn’t feeling a complete waste or a failure – on the contrary I felt all the possibilities opening up at me. I felt like I had the power to improve my life, to make it better and to stop feeling as poorly as I did.

It’s a slow process I’m still working on, on different levels . For this reason I decided to choose words for this new year, so that I will be able to give direction to my life and my growth.

And growth is one of the words I choose for 2016, together with mindfulness and dare.


From my point of view, life is an ever-ending process of learning and growing. Nothing is static, everything evolves into something new and grows into something else.
This 2016 I want to grow my roots deep into the Earth and let my trunk grow tall and meet the sky. I want to become a better version of myself and be more compassionate, more loving, persevere more, reamain true with myself and find beauty and wonder in the world that surrounds me.

Here’s where the mindfulnees kicks in. Dealing with something bigger than me let me in a chaotic state of mind. My head is always talking, worrying, whispering things I don’t need or want to hear, and sometimes things I don’t even rationally believe are true! I need to look at all this, aknowledge it and let it go away. For the sake of my mental stability.


Will I dare to do all this? Will I dare to stand up for myself, look at people in the eyes and tell them what I want? Will I dare to say “yes” when my fear is trying to keep me in the comfort zone? Will I dare to walk the road not taken?
I honestly hope I will. Master the courage to go out and see what the world has in store for me is a probably the biggest thing I’ll do this year, but it’s the biggest chance to experience life in a different way and to grow (see as everything is interconnected? :D).


I’m aware that it won’t be easy and that I’ll probably fail a lot at the start of the year. It’ll take a while to let everything sink in and for me to recognize what patterns I’m repeating and what schemes my brain just won’t let go.
But I’m not here to accuse myself of what I cant’ do, I’m here to learn how to do it. And I know I will.
I know I won’t be disappointed!

Do you have any words for 2016 you’ll use as a mantra, or as a guide, to give purpose and direction to your life? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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