scattered thoughts #1

Holidays always swoop down upon me like the worst sneak witch-thief. Imbolc is approaching fast, but I managed to be prepared. Half prepared, anyway.

I’ve been spending my time cleaning my room. I now have a bit more space, but it still lack proper organisation. I need some boxes to store candles and other witchy objects. A wooden box, for my poor tarot that are now without a home. And somewhere to store my stones.
It really seem you have everything scattered around. Do you have everything scattered around? Yes, sorry. Instead of finding a place for my stuff I just had it linger around for so long that now I don’t know what to do with it.

Don’t worry, part of me hate this chaos. My problem is this lingering sense of unisiness; this idea that I can’t make this room look the way I want to. Why? Because it has always been like that: jumbled furniture with jumbled things around. Our entire homes have always been like this. It cracks me up. It’s maddening. It’s like having a big STOP sign saying that I can’t do in any other way, or any better. I’m projecting on the furniture some wild emotion I can’t work out, I guess. No one should be that much annoyed by the appearance of their home.

But I have to be honest: another part of me is unable to do things the proper way. Starting from point A and walking in a straight line to point B? Putting the book on the shelves instead of leaving it on the table? Almost impossible. There’s always something (useless) that distracts me. I’m trying to be more discplined, but it would be better if I wasn’t the over-indulgent person I am. To put it in tumblr words: I’m probably sinning right now.


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