March Wrap Up


Just three books for this month that, again, saw me very busy studying (plus some life changes on the side)

Plugged by Eoin Colfer
This book was suggested to me by someone on tumblr, with whom I chatted for a while. I had it around and decided to give it a go and wow. First, I never read anything by Eoin Colfer, not even the Artemis Fowl series that was everywhere in the bookshop when I was young. It never picked my interest. Now I regret it, because the writing was…mindblowing. I honestly enjoyed more how things were written than the story itself – who was good, but military guy with life problems™, dead casino hostess, rich drug addicts, irish gangs and corrupted police isn’t usual my kind of book. Apart from that, it is also a bit of a thriller and it has an insane dose of that witty/quirky humor I love.

Little Girls: Social Conditioning And Its Effects On The Stereotyped Role Of Women During Infancy by Elena Gianini Belotti
This actually is an Italin book, the original title being “Dalla parte delle bambine”. Written in the 70s this books analyses the pressure women have to face in society since early age, showing that the idea of an intrinsic feminine behaviouris a product of education. The writer works with kids and uses various examples taken from her experience, as well as reaserches, to show how detrimental the attitude toward female kids is. It was an easy read despire the topics – no technical language used and vary clear description of psychological facts – although in many point it made me cringe. Many parents and teachers do the unbelievable to let people adhere to their specific mental image. Despite being old the information are still 100% relatable. And it is also a very small book, something like 190 pages. Definetely worth it.

Purifying Crystals by Micheal Gienger
A short, but useful, handbook about the cleansing and purifcation (both phisycal and energetic) of stones and crystals. I found it very useful because I never had any reference for crystals beside what I caught here and there (forums, friends, general books) and it was fine to see all that scattered information organised at last. It’s very short and can be read in a couple of hourse, but definetly useful if you’re interested in energetic work with crystals.

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