summer reading list

It’s June and although I still am studying for my exams (and will do so for a while) I made a list of books I want to get through during the summer. It’s a long list, you’ve been warned!


  • When Gods Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman – I read an extract of this one on my kindle and was amazed by the plot and writing style. Instead of a Kindle edition I bought the paperback BookDepository sent me the wrong cover and I was just a little bit annoyed, but oh well…
  • A Year of Marvelous Ways by Sarah Winman – Did I say that the writing style of this woman hooked me up? Because I absolutely bought her second book without even thinking about it.
  • All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie J. Anders – The sinopsys said something like “young witch who can talk to animals meets the inventor of the two-seconds time machine” and I don’t know the rest of it, because my mind was already going INEEDTHISINMYLIFENOW.
  • The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers– I’m 50 pages into this book and I paused because I want to read it in the right moment. A moment when I can dive into it completely.
  • In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri – I don’t really know what the book is about, except that the author is a native speaker of English who fell in love with Italian so much she ended up writing a book in it. And probably about it. Thinking about it, it makes sense that a native Italian speaker who fell in love with English wants to read this book so bad.
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch – because I don’t have enough series I want to start, I have to add to the pile.
  • Tell The Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka BruntThere is no real reason for this one except “it looks nice”.
  • Solstice Wood by Patricia A. McKillip – When bookstore owner Sylvia Lynn returns to her childhood home in upstate New York, she meets the Fiber Guild-a group of local women who meet to knit, embroider, and sew-and learns why her grandmother watches her so closely. A primitive power exists in the forest, a force the Fiber Guild seeks to bind in its stitches and weavings. And Sylvia is no stranger to the woods. This speaks to the part of me who loves fairytales. I now need to read this.

I warned you the list was long!  Plus, I may have a long list of non fiction, too. Sorry not sorry.


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