September, 1st

I’m surprisingly happy that September finally came to knock on our doors. Autumn, to me, it’s like a second spring. A sort of second beginning, even if we are without doubt heading towards the waning part of the year.


The third and fourth week of August are the ones in which you start to notice that the sun sets earlier than before. There is this sense that autumn is coming, you can already see the leaves reddening and falling from trees, the farmers are starting to haverst the crops. And even though everything is changing, it seems to do so slowly.

I must admit that I’m happy to leave the hot days behind. Summer takes a lot out of me, because I can’t bear the temperature (and the humidity) and I end up doing nothing in that time of the year when everyone seems to do things. I work better when the air it’s cool. It was so hot that I barely went out during the day. I can’t wait to loose myself in nature again, without having to bear such high temperatures. I am also eager t to go back to running in the evening, another thing I stopped doing in June.

I’m also excited to go back to university, because I’m starting my Swedish course this year. I made this decision to change langauges at uni in March, and now I can actively pursue my goals. I fear that it’ll be another disaster, but I’m also confindent that I’ll do everything I can to make it work. I won’t graduate anytime soon, but I’ll be doing something that I truly love and that is the most important thing.


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As for what I did this summer (never forget to celebrate your accomplishments!) I finally passed that extremely difficult and painful English exam. In the last academic year I passed all the exams with good grades and I think that is wonderful, especially because my academic career practically stopped for an entire year in 2014.
I spent a week on vacation and had the chance to swim in the sea (although we have been stung by jellifish, ugh).
And more importantly, I spent August doing what makes me feeling good. I watched cartoons, read a lot, relaxed, went out with friends and tried to give myself all the rest I need to rock the next few months.

So, dear September, don’t worry: I’m ready for everything you’re bringing with you.

With love,

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