[…]There are no such things as wrong places. There are only things and places in endless combinations, people and things in places you wouldn’t expect, and a shift of context to allow for their presence there. And that is exciting because it means everything is always where it should be, and that things could turn up, somewhere else, ¬†when you’ve given up hope. And that you can put yourself anywhere, at any place at all, and that’s exactly the place where you’ll belong.

~ Daphne Kapsali, 100 Days of Solitude 


Read Better, Not More – 2017 bookish resolutions

Challenge yourself to read more, this year!

Goodreads users know that a new year means a new reading challenge. New books, new goals: everyone of us wants to accomplish something more than we did in the past year and our TBRs usually are so big that reading faster is the only possible way to get through it all.

Reading challenge, but everytime you add a book to your TBR pile it gets faster

(if you don’t get the ref, you live outside meme culture and you should remedy that)

But it’s a new year and this means I want to do something different. In 2017 my personal reading challenge will be focused on reading better.

I’ve read faster for three years now. I did my first challenge in 2014 and since then my reading rate has grown of twenty books a year. T W E N T Y. That’s insane.
My pledge for 2016 was to read 60 books (I did the math and thought that five books a month were something I could manage) and although I ended up reading 54 I think it’s a win because it’s 14 books more than 2015. Those are ridiculous number, y’all.
I proved that I can read a lot. I proved I can read faster. There’s no point in doing this again: I can’t grow that rate any longer and I don’t wish to.

When I read my point is not “finish the book”, it’s “read the book”. Possibly, “savour the book” and “understand what you’re reading” – something I can’t do with the ghost of Goodreads asking how faster I am doing it.
Yeah, it’s all my personal problem here, but this idea of doing everything faster and faster is sickening at some point. Furthermore, there are several non-fiction books I really want to read this year and if one can eat up a story in a couple of days, long essays have to be chewed and digested slowly. And talking about non-fiction, I really need to start write down notes when I read. I tell myself that I’m going to remember every idea that comes up into my kind, but it’s a lie. We all know I won’t.

Last, but not least, I want to explore some genres I never read before (like horror or mystery, I already downloaded a collection of H. P. Lovecraft) and I want to read more poetry. As a student of literature I read what I must for my courses, but there are modern authors I discovered that I appreciate as well as some classic authors that caught my attention. 

Now, I’ll (slowly) grab my book and start reading. Slowly. 

word of the year, 2017 ed.

One of the very first thing I did last year after opening this blog was to write an article about my words for 2016.
The three words I chose inspired me throughout the year and kept me going, even during November and December – the hardest months, all things considered.
For 2017 I want to keep it minimal and I chose one word only: worth.

The choice came only partly from pondering, as I feel it as an extension of the work I’ve been doing on myself in the past year. In November and December 2016 I came across some rough times, but they helped me point out one of my biggest problems: the way I consider myself, what happens and what’s around me.

I have an hard time believing myself worthy of anything (we lack self-esteem here) and this influences both my mundane and spiritual work. It inhibits my ability to motivate myself, because I think that in the end I deserve nothing and won’t get anything. I’m going to tackle this in my future shadow work and hopefully I’ll get out more self-loving and self-accepting. However, worth is a lense through which I want to look at the world. Sometimes I give importance to trivial things, or things that make me feel bad, and I forget what is truly worthy of my attention and time. The result is that I feel ashamed and drained of all my energies. It’s the time to start prioritize what really makes me feel good about myself and what I do, especially when it’s about relationships and what people might think of what I do and the why I act.

As simple as this word might seem, I feel I have a great work ahead of me. Something that can really change who I am for the better. I’m hopeful, but most of all I’m willing to go through this year. I trust what I can do.

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