October’s here!

I like October: the coloured leaves, the hot tea, the first warm sweater. October is a happy month, for those who are little bears like me and enjoy cozy time on the sofa or a quiet walk in nature. I must say it has been a little clouded the last few days and the gloom and the mists over the fields remind more of November than of the beginning of autumn we’re in. The temperatures are still warm, though.

I have a little goal for this month: start an ongoing devotional activity in the evening and in the morning. I want to familiarise myself a bit more with the ADF core order of ritual and there’s nothing better than practice to achieve this. My only obstacle is to figure out a place in which I can ritualise at 6am in the morning, but I believe I’ll sort that out.
I’m also about to read the chapter of the Dedican Manual about mental training so I believe I’ll have my 10-15 minutes of meditations back in my life soon.

On a sidenote, I discovered that October 3rd Cathu Alesiae (the anniversary of the battle of Alesia) is celebrated:

 Alesia was the last major engagement between Gauls and Romans and marked the turning point of the Gallic Wars in favour of Rome. The siege of Alesia is considered one of Caesar’s greatest military achievements and is still one of the classic examples of siege warfare and circumvallation. – Battle of Alesia

Although I am not a Gaulish polytheist I live in ancient Gaul territory so I found it appropriate to pray the Ancestors, pay homage and let Them now their sacrifices aren’t forgotten


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