Prompt: ““How can I trust you?”
Totally related to the first entry of the month.


Sirens could still be felt outside.
“Here, take these clothes”
It didn’t move, but stood in front of the window and silently stared at me.
“Well? Going around naked won’t help”
“How can I trust you?”
It was the first time one of them asked me such a question.
“What’s your name?”
“Not your Identification Code. Your name”
“I never thought of one. I don’t know any, except those of Doctors and Nurses”
“Then I’ll call you Xen”
“However you may call me, how do I know that you want to help?”
“You don’t. You can only have faith and leap. That, or you die.”
I handed it the clothes again. This time, it took them.

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