Prompt: “I’ll tell you, but you’re not gonna like it”

“You’re hiding something”
“Don’t try to fool me, Phil. I know you like the back of my hand”
“Ok, fine. I’ll tell you, but you’re not gonna like it”
“Try me”
“We’re stranded”
“We are 250 light-years away from home!”
“That’s the bad news”
“What’s the good one?”
“I brought a chocolate bar from home. Extra dark”



Prompt: “This is gonna be so much fun!”

“C’mon, put it on and stop complaining!”
“I’m not sure, Dorothea. It’s been so long…”
“Oh, please. This is gonna be so much fun! We can dress up, go to dinner and then dance! Or to the cinema! Like in the old days, when we were young!”
“There weren’t clubs and cinemas back then”
“I know, isn’t it marvellous how humans evolve in such amazing ways? Now, how does that fit?”
“A bit tight. It’s been so long since I’ve inhabited a body”


Prompt: “But I will never forget”

They said I was a flawed creation. That my neurological implant was defective and could not work properly. I had no idea what “properly” meant. I sometimes felt disappointed: I could not give them what they wanted.
“We needed you to feel pain”, Nurse Gillian had explained to me later. I did not understand what she meant. But I will never forget the moment I realised what it was they so desperately asked of me.


Prompt: “You think something troubles me?”

“You have been sitting there for two hours. I am being told it is meaningful when humans do it”
“Who tells that?”
“Of course she does”
“She also told you seemed worried. How do you feel?”
“You think something troubles me?”
“I do not know. I have been told men engage in this behaviour when they feel something is wrong, or it will be. I do not have sufficient data to discern if that’s the truth. For this reason, I am asking”
“Xen, that’s more comforting than being reassured everything will be okay”
“I don’t have any data to make a probabilistic analysis of the future, Zero. I can’t make any claim”
“Neither can I. That’s pretty much the point”


Prompt: “you shouldn’t have come here”

“You shouldn’t have come here. Not with that…thing you’re bringing with you”
“I didn’t know you suddenly became law-abiding citizens. Gave up the illegal transplants business?”
“That’s different to stealing secret government experiments, son!”
“He’s called Xen”
“Its name won’t be important when we’ll all be in prison”
“Don’t be so tragic, old man. It won’t come to that”
“I hope you’re right, Zero. For our sake and yours”


Prompt: “I know you do”


“I love you”
“I know you do”
“Then why are you pointing a gun at me?”
“No, no, no. I’m the one in need of answers here. Why would you do this to me?”
“I had to”
“Do you really believe in what you’re saying?”
“It couldn’t be helped, Jessie! This thing you’ve got…this gift. Once you’ve got plugged into the system, you were able to control it!”
“A person should never believe her own lies, Gillian”

Sidenote: it feels like everything about this is getting out of hand. I wanted to use this fictober thing as an opportunity to write, even if a few words, every day. I find myself with a story and characters and my brain doesn’t want to think about something else for these prompts.