Week 1, aka: I’m bad at writing liturgy

I’m trying to work on the first oath that I intend to perform during the equinox rite. The oath is just a self-commitment to the work the ADF stands for and an affirmation of the dedicant in front of the Gods, Ancestors and Spirits.

While reading the book the fellowship gives you for training, there was a small oath to be performed and I did it. You know, when pagan books tell you to “stop everything” and recite the occasional small prayer for this or that purpose? Exactly that. I was firm in my decision and recited that first oath, but it came out a bit…impersonal. Which is why I decided to make a simple, but full, ritual as it is outlined in another work: The Dedicant Path throgh the Wheel of the Year, an awesome resource that is helping me organising my work. Many thanks to M. J. Dangler for writing it.

However, while trying to write something, writer’s block came in: how should be the structure? The pace? What’s wise to include? (It’s still an oath: I don’t want to dedicate myself to works I can’t sustain.)
I ended up writing almost an exact copy of the already-existing oath and thinking that whoever wrote those words probably knows better than me, as there’s no other way I could phrase my commitment to virtue, piety and study that sounds better than those lines. They’re simple and on point. I added some tweaks here and there: personal things I value or believe important in my practice, and that’s that. It’s still (mostly) identical to the one printed, even though I know I’ll work on it a bit more.

So yes, turns out I’m not great at writing prayers. My solitary practice has always been mostly silent because you can’t chant while mom and sis have tea in the kitchen, unless you want to solicit their attention. My prayers have never been written down, I’d just start speaking. This is all new, the ritual structure seems complex and in any case it’s different from what I was used to, and I’m starting to get frustrated with all the things I don’t know. When they said that building a Druidic practice would “challenge and irritate you – we promise!”, I didn’t believe it would happen so soon!

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