The Blog

I always felt the urge to write, a need to talk about myself, my world, my experiences and, most of all, to talk about what I love.

Having a blog is a constant in my life since my first attempt at the age of thirteen. I had many blogs and those I’m leaving were tiny corners where I wrote about myself and books.
Those pages don’t feel really mine anymore: they were set up by a person I no longer am and although it makes me terribly melancholic, I decided to leave them behind.

Wonders of One’s Own starts from there.

I felt the need not of a tiny corner, but of a room where I could put everything dear to me. A room with enough space to drink a cup of tea, read, sit beside a window entertained by my own thoughts and a place to put my spiritual ramblings.

Wonders of One’s Own is a sum up of those things.

I hope this project will turn out the way I imagined it. I hope it’ll be a mean for me to grow as a person, as a writer, and to learn.